What is Energy Vision 2020?

Energy Vision 2020 is Rocky Mountain Power’s plan to add more wind power and transmission in Wyoming, as well as make the state’s existing wind turbines more efficient. The $3.5 billion plan includes:

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How will Energy Vision 2020 impact Wyoming?

As a result of the investments of Energy Vision 2020, Wyoming will benefit from additional jobs, more revenue, additional transmission infrastructure, enhanced electricity service, and economic diversity. In addition:

Coal and gas remain important industries in Wyoming. Energy Vision 2020 will also provide value by diversifying the economy while supplementing existing jobs and industry.

This cost-effective energy will be delivered to Wyoming and other PacifiCorp customers, while at the same time save our customers money.

This is a significant benefit for our customers and saves money. We wouldn’t go forward with this if we didn’t see benefit for our customers.


Conditional use permit regarding Gateway West Transmission Project passed

Carbon County Commissioners granted on Tuesday a conditional use permit to PacifiCorp Electricity Company and Rocky Mountain Power, Inc., two divisions involved with the construction of the Gateway West Transmission...

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PacifiCorp Receives Additional State Approvals, Will Move Forward With Major Wind and Transmission Expansion Plan

PacifiCorp is proceeding with plans to significantly expand its wind energy production after receiving the final two state approvals needed to move forward with the company’s Energy Vision 2020 initiative....

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Wyoming Approval Advances PacifiCorp Wind Expansion

The Wyoming Public Service Commission has approved PacifiCorp moving ahead with a significant wind and transmission expansion plan that would add enough new wind energy to power more than 400,000...

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