What is Energy Vision 2020?

Energy Vision 2020 is Rocky Mountain Power’s plan to add more wind power and transmission in Wyoming, as well as make the state’s existing wind turbines more efficient. The $3.1 billion plan includes:

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How will Energy Vision 2020 impact Wyoming?

As a result of the investments of Energy Vision 2020, Wyoming will benefit from additional jobs, more revenue, additional transmission infrastructure, enhanced electricity service, and economic diversity. In addition:

Coal and gas remain important industries in Wyoming. Energy Vision 2020 will also provide value by diversifying the economy while supplementing existing jobs and industry.

This cost-effective energy will be delivered to Wyoming and other PacifiCorp customers, while at the same time save our customers money.

This is a significant benefit for our customers and saves money. We wouldn’t go forward with this if we didn’t see benefit for our customers.


An education in the wind

Cheyenne's Laramie County Community College (LCCC) has a wind technology program led by instructor Steve Hrkach. The college's partnership with industry is critical to educate students about power generation, renewables...

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Perched among the turbines, West Inc. technicians keep an eye out for eagles

Martin is an eagle watcher, a technician for West. Inc., which contracts with Wyoming’s largest utility company, Rocky Mountain Power, to keep watch for the giant birds of prey. His...

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Sinclair, Rocky Mountain Power fund fossil cabin move

Rocky Mountain Power and the Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company presented checks to the Medicine Bow Museum Monday morning. They donated $20,000 to relocate the Como Bluffs Fossil Cabin to the...

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